People. Passion. Motion.

We are a publication house that inspires action to make the everyday extraordinary.

We adore details and live to find perfection in everything we do – We have built one of the world’s most advanced content discovery platforms on mobile for millennia’s.

We create content that actually moves people on our proprietary blend of human ingenuity, experience, and constantly evolving knowledge delivers high-performing mobile experiences that resonate deeply and drive real-world action with meaningful content.

Our secret sauce

We do this by following 3 key steps in each of our content creation flows:



Tzoome’s proprietary research technology allows us to collect in-depth understanding of the trending topics and suggests content relevance and forecasted user behaviour.



Tzoome’s teams interact with its readers with machine learning pulse checks to gather insights on their interests and opinions across its diverse portfolio of verticals and topics to better guide our editorial editors.



Through the fusion of technology and human sentiment, Tzoome is constantly adapting to produce unique and engaging content tailored to refined audience interests.

Our Team

Specialized team with more than 30 years of combined experience driving engaging content online


Michael Davis

Editor in Chief

Diane Bellone

Head of Partnerships

Yuzhen Zhang

Head of Studio

Lidia Thomas

Social Editor

Mark Cohen

Trends Editor

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